Tuesday, November 10, 2020

LMS Classes and Conference

Denver— November 2, 2020 COVID-19 or not, continuing education has changed, and the virtual world is catching on fast!  This month, The Blue Cell, LLC is excited to announce an online Learning Management System (LMS) that allows students to self-pace their learning.  For consequence and emergency managers, the courses now available will give you an edge up in your field.  The online learning management system offers courses in preparedness and response, organizational leadership and management, and incident management courses. Courses titles vary from ‘Fundamentals of Exercise Design’, ‘Agency Administration in Incidents and Disasters’, ‘Recovery Support Functional Positions’, and more. 


To celebrate Veterans everywhere, The Blue Cell is offering a 20% discount on all LMS Courses, now through the end of November. Use the code: Veteran20 at checkout. To read more about these courses and register please visit https://thenimsstore.com/collections/software.


We are also thrilled to announce the North American Virtual Training and Exercise Conference 2021 is now set for the last week of April 2021. The conference will feature the latest techniques in virtual training, testing, information management, and facilitation space. Hear from leaders in the industry on techniques, equipment, and lessons learned from the past year as we all adapt to this bold new world of interaction.  Using a custom conference platform, avatars, and state of the art concepts this conference is designed to share products, services, and do it yourself information processes for your future training and exercise needs. With 15 speakers and topics, and 20 select conference collaborators and partners we will have an exciting line up for you this coming year. Sign up today at a pre-registration pricing of $100.00 per person. https://thenimsstore.com/collections/courses-and-workshops/products/north-american-training-and-exercise-virtual-conference-2021


The Blue Cell is available for customized training, virtual and live delivery of exercises for any jurisdiction looking to capture ‘lessons learned’ or ‘best practices’ from the ongoing COVID response.  The Blue Cell is a by-design training, exercise, consulting, and deployment services company focusing on emergency and crisis management in the public and private sectors. 

Find us at www.thebluecell.com or 800-866-0840.

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