Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Blue Cell Intel Summary Volume 1, Issue 1

Who We Are
The Blue Cell is a Colorado Based: training, technical consulting and deployment service company. We create and offer a few select products through our webstore and our new Adroid market app. We are also the creators of the web based simulation environment Chelsea County USA. As a company we are organized very much like a working planning section on an incident management team. Our situation unit helps us maintains a linkedin, youtube, facebook, twitter presence on the web. Beginning in June of 2011 we will be offering information in this monthly blog. 
We are a full service planning company, applying these skills in the 4 pillars of emergency management. We are committed to the belief that planning as incident managers is.......
* an Art
* a Trade
* an Advocation
We are regularly asked about the company name. Well as most of you know, the basic elements of the Incident Command System are Command, Operations, Planning, Logistics and Finance.
Over the years in some circles (Military, Industry, Special Operations Public Safety ) these sections have been associated with a color.


The Blue Cell
In this blog we will attempt to talk about the things that are happening contemporarily in the world of incident and emergency management. The view will be from the perspective of the writer and will not only illustrate challenges but also alternative suggestions and solutions.
Todd Manns, Planning Section Chief, The Blue Cell, LLC