Sunday, April 1, 2012



As spring begins, the country's weather changes the enviromental threats Emergency Personell must handle. Dry conditions in the west have signaled the official start of wildfire season and the tornadoes over the first part of year have caused emergency resources to launch into action in the midwest. The Blue Cell Technical Services Group continues to develop and refine tools for first responders in various application (app) formats in hopes of keeping up with the changing conditions.

The Blue Cell has strived to keep up with the rapidly changing technology seen in the private sector. The addition of its mobile applications has made national resources readily available for use during incidents and exercises and to allow access to documents even when out of cell range. Recent updates to The Blue Cell app include the addition of field operations guides from FEMA, USAID, the United States Coast Guard and the National Urban Search & Rescue. This particular app also has the Federal Acronyms and Terms book, the FEMA position checklist, ICS forms and FEMA resource typing.

For wildfire responders a separate app called Wildland Fire Tools features Fire orders, Watchout Situations, Size up, Briefing Checklists, the Incident Response Pocket Guide, the 310-1, the Fireline Handbook and weather links to NOAA.     

For more information visit for links to these applications. Applying and sharing our beliefs is our passion. We aspire to continue to provide the aids needed to successfully and safely confront the changing weather conditions nationwide. Both The Blue Cell and Wildland Fire Tools apps are available for no charge to download.

Shane Doyon, Technical Service Group Lead, The Blue Cell, LLC