Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Blue Cell Intel Summary Vol.2 Issue 12

Needless to say 2012 has been quite a year for The Blue Cell and its varied interests. The company closes out December with clients in 38 states and territories; we have three international clients; Blue Cell and Command School TTX contractors participated in five incidents around the country including the historic wild fires in the west and Hurricane Sandy in the east. Last month’s blog illustrated changes that are underway with regard to deployments services from lessons learned this year. As a company we are now also involved in the future of the emergency management profession with our volunteer affiliation with Warren Techs Emergency Management Program in Lakewood, Colorado.

Looking forward to 2013, the following initiatives are underway. All of the web presences of the Blue Cell, fourteen in total, are being consolidated and linked through one web portal. Additions to The Blue Cell web presences will include Calamity City (the tactical side of Chelsea County USA), Studio BC (our online live training room), The Blue Cell Planning Forum (an online community for emergency planners to share information) and new products in the Blue Cell store.

To better serve our growing customer base, a greater emphasis will be placed on our cellular business model. Today, this concept is used by both the good guys and the bad guys in the terrorism / anti-terrorism world. From its inception over three years ago, The Blue Cell, for a variety of reasons, used this approach in its basic day to day actions. In addition to operational security and improved specialized effectiveness, the other benefit that we have experienced is that all clients still have direct access to the owner. Different cells are then brought to bear on the issue as needed. The cellular approach also increases overall effectiveness since differing entities have skill sets that, when combined, enhance the product being delivered. The ability to customize training, exercises, consulting, technical and even deployment services is made easier since the vision is shared from the beginning by a small group. In the event that for any reason a client is not completely satisfied, the client has only one place to go to get answers and solutions. No bureaucracy, no rules inhibiting fixing the problem, no excuses, just pure accountability and renewed customer satisfaction.

I want to thank all of the clients, students, exercise participants and especially my contractors for another great year, and I can’t wait to get started in 2013. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

 Todd Manns, Owner
The Blue Cell, LLC and Command School TTX