Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Blue Cell Intel Summary, Vol 2. Issue 1

The Blue Cell begins 2012 with a number of initiatives and expansions.  As much as this blog reflects an attempt to organize and reflect on my thoughts, I do have to be cognizant not to give away any intellectually competitive advantage.

The company as we enter our third year will, for the first time, have an organizational structure that demonstrates our various expanding interests. We have developed five groups:

·         Training and Exercise

·         Consulting Services

·         Deployment Services

·         Technical Services

·         Contracts and Acquisitions

 Each of these groups now has an identified leader.  We are also starting the year with six new contractors, added three new products that are available in training, a new flagship exercise specific product and two new consulting service areas (legal subject matter, expert testimony and architectural security). Our simulation environment, Chelsea County USA, continues to grow and, when combined with our new simulation table, this training tool now can be used three dimensionally. Deployment Services continues its preparedness and will take possession of a new vehicle and field trailer in the spring. The company has also secured several agreements, professional contracts, and an exclusive airlift contract out of Centennial Airport in Colorado for 2012 to assist this group. Technical services launches our new look to the website today and we now have The Blue Cell app available on the Amazon App store for download.  Our own web store also has a new manager. The Blue Cell production studio, which is under develoment, debuts with its first commercial web broadcast training in two weeks. We will also be finalizing the hiring of a Contracts and Acquisitions lead in the first quarter.

In business, one theory is the first year you get out there, you start doing your thing and you make mistakes; the more mistakes you make the better. In the second year, you correct the mistakes from the first and, of course, try to not repeat any of the first year mistakes. If you make to the third year, still have the drive and have acquired a few talented folks along the way to help you, it is time to rock and roll. With all of this said, I guess I should make it official; it is time to start the music.   

Todd Manns, Owner, The Blue Cell, LLC